Women 's Influence On Women

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Throughout the past century women have evolved greatly and the way people have thought of women has also changed greatly. From not having the the right to vote, to having a place in the workplace, to becoming heads of companies. Although these changes took almost a century, they did not come easy and women still continue to struggle with people thinking less of them due to the gender. In the early 1900s women have very few rights, despite the activities of the suffrage movement and the support of the Labour Party. In the early 1900s women had a very stereotypical role in society. If these women were married than they would be required to stay at home and take care of the children and the home. If women were single than they would be criticized for not looking for a man to share their life with. Queen Victoria looked at the American way of life the same way she looked at women in Britain and said “Let women be what God intended, a helpmate for man, but with totally different duties and vocations.” Women were placed on a higher standard when in public than men. For instance in 1908 a law was passed, called the Sullivan Ordinance, in New York City making it illegal for women to smoke in public. This is also the same year that the International Women’s Day is celebrated for the first time. Working conditions for women are getting worse when the women are working outside of the home. Many of these women are single women and young girls. In 1911, a spotlight was shined on…

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