Women 's Influence On Women

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Makeup is very important in the way people perceive women. Society in the 1900s to today has made makeup a necessity for a woman to be considered feminine. Cosmetics were first used in America in 1888 by an unknown inventor from Philadelphia, and were trademarked under the name Mumm. During the early years of the 20th century, makeup became fashionable in the United States of America and Europe owing to the influence of ballet and theatre stars (Chaudhri and Jain 2.) Makeup began to flourish in America in the 1930s. Women used the most basic cosmetics during this time such as face powder, blush, and lipstick. These were all that were available until the industry modernized. The way women applied makeup changed as time progressed and was…show more content…
Women in this time period were told they needed to wear red lipstick to show they were patriotic and show respect to men fighting in the war. The unified feminism at the time correlated with the patriarchal social system America revolved around. This is a system where men are in authority over women in all aspects. The artifact shows a glimpse of this when it explains how the woman really wants to please her husband. The title of the advertisement is ‘For Your Dream of Romance” and the key word “romance” is what draws many women’s attention before they have any idea on what the advertisement is about. The term “Romance” is very important in the context of the advertisement. The natural nature of a man wants a woman who is in touch with her “feminine” side, and the easiest way to indicate to a man she was feminine was to wear makeup. The first real boom of the makeup industry in America was during the 1930s. Wearing makeup was, and still is, one of the most common ways to identify a woman as being feminine. Artifact A is an advertisement on how makeup should be applied in the 30s. Although it is giving a type of tutorial on how to apply the makeup, its main purpose is to persuade the reader in thinking it’s the best. The artifact discusses what makeup should be worn to successfully achieve a perfect night out with a significant other. In the advertisement each type of makeup

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