Women 's Influence On Women

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Advertisements Have women in America really changed? During the twentieth century, women joined the work force and fought for the right to vote and equal pay. Yet, the many beauty ads in magazines prove that American women still remain obsessed with physical beauty. Foundation, mascara, and lipsticks are being important things these days and all the women cannot live without them any more. In the two ads that I choose, I sew the meanings of the true beauty, which is the inside beauty and how women should take care of it more than the outside beauty. The ad shows a young, American actress named Ashley Judd. She looks magnificent in a long white dress as if she is a bride, and many women want to get married and have a wedding. The background is a well-kept green and beautiful lawn, like that of a rich estate. The two dogs look well groomed, the kind a rich person might own. The massage suggests if women buy the lipstick they will feel as beautiful as a movie star or someone who is rich and famous. The ad takes us to an ideal place and peace and beauty, and that makes the lipstick even more attractive. I am from Saudi Arabia. Most of the people in America think that we do not have ads or we do not put makeup under the veil. We actually have ads in popular magazines like Sedaty and Haya. These are magazines for women. For example, Mekeaje ads present all kinds of makeup, including a little box that contains eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Women carry this kind of makeup in…

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