Women 's Influence On Women

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The introduction of strong female characters has changed the way women are seen, and what part they play in comics. The comic universe has always been male-dominant and still is today, but this is slowly changing. At DC Comics, women are being fused into the workforce and are having more say. The relevance and growing number of comic movies in the media today are expanding the fanbase of boys to grow to include more and more women, which leads to women adding their voice to the business. The creator of “Gotham Academy”, Becky Cloonan, said, “I can still see things moving forward...The industry is a lot healthier than it was 10 years ago, and by all accounts it should continue to flourish.” (Maxwell) Women have always played a part in…show more content…
As these characteristics are being represented through these comics, it’s inspiring women everywhere the adopt them. Among these characteristics are strength, independence, free will, power, kindness, leadership, fearless, and confidence. The characteristics are, in some ways, grandiose, depending on the woman. All of these qualities are attainable, and the fact that women today can see these features shown on the big screen and on their TV coming through women just like themselves is momentous. Even though there are still occasions where women are not being paid as much as men for the same job, or not being treated the same way as men in general, the depiction of these determined women all over is heading in the right direction. In a world where everyone is telling people who they should or shouldn’t be, it’s nice to see a “strong woman with a seemingly effortless confidence.” (Trier-Bieniek, 81) Superheroines are full of all the attributes that women want to obtain, and yet, these characters are based on regular women in society. These characters are written from the author’s perspective on what they think women should be like. In the first Wonder Woman, William Marston said that he wanted his heroine to demonstrate “maternal tenderness, and compassion, and physical and emotional strength, all combined with and ‘alluring’ beauty.” These qualities are seen in women all over, and these women are realizing that

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