Women 's Job Never Done

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Bill Copeland once said, "Not only is women 's job never done, the definition keeps changing." This couldn 't be any truer; women play many different roles from wives to mothers to professionals. In today’s society women has moved farther away from their traditional role as homemaker or housewife and more towards the role of a modern, self-sustaining person. This role is still not accepted in society and prejudice is prevalent in the workplace. Many companies still discriminate against women in various job rolls, even when there is a woman at the helm. Toiling women are every now and then exposed to inequality because of sex, in spite of several laws and code of practice that forbid employment prejudice affecting women.
Discrimination is the unbalanced treatment of persons based on apparent physical characteristics. Some forms of inequity are unlawful, and there are guidelines against other kinds in government agencies and public organizations. Gender equality is at the very heart of human rights. Many of the lawful constraints are based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Discrimination in the place of work is regulated to make certain that people have equal right of entry to jobs and equal compensations once hired.
In 2011, the American Management Association performed a survey of employed women. Published discoveries conveyed that 95% of female respondents believed that they have been demoralized by another woman at least once in their occupations. This is ill-treatment of
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