Women 's Lack Of Eating Disorders

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There are many eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and feeding and eating conditions not elsewhere classified are clinical mental disorders. It is clear that 95% of disordered eating cases occur among women and that 90% of cases occur in people under the age of 25.7 In the case of young female athletes in general, it seems that they have a similar risk of developing disordered eating as non-athletes (de Oliveira Coelho, et al, 2014). The prevalence of disordered eating ranges from 0% to 27% in female athletes and ranges from 0% to 21% in the general population. However, athletes suffer from a more serious condition that may lead to dangerous consequences. Female athletes who participate in…show more content…
Female athletes are often very body conscious with respect to weight and appearance. There is evidence that a positive body image is often associated with physical activity. Though the issue of body image in athletes is not only negatively influenced by social media and other outside influences, there are also pressures to achieve and maintain an unrealistic body shape and size but is also influenced by demands to be thin to maximize performance (Thompson, 2014). In sporting populations it is important to look hard for the presence of disordered eating, not simply because eating disorders are potentially serious conditions but also because they can be difficult to detect (Currie, 2010). Student Athlete Service Model GOALS: 1. To implement an effective multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, identification, and treatment of eating disorders, provide treatment plans and provide medical or psychological services SUMMARY: 1. Our athletics department supports the progress of healthy and accountable lifestyles for University student-athletes. The long-term goal is to enhance the enrichment and better the student-athletes lives. We also strive to diminish or lessen the behaviors that hinder a strong lifestyle and diminish disordered eating. 2. The Department of Athletics recognizes that the commencement of eating disorders replicate the interaction of biological,
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