Women 's Lack Of Women

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Abused, invisible, deprived, segregated. Labels that almost all Afghan women identify with, and not by choice. They are forced into these categories from the moment they are born. In their first years of life, they are overwhelmed by the predetermined stereotypes and lives ahead of them. Unfortunately, most Afghanistan women face physical abuse, the feeling of invisibility, mental abuse, and social abuse throughout their lifetime. However, each time an Afghan woman uses their horrid situation as a story to inspire others, and every rare occasion that women are given justice in Afghan society marks steps toward the right direction in terms of the movement towards the liberation of the women. Afghan women’s actions and reactions to their conditions and restrictions placed onto them, can help break the women of Afghanistan free from the shackles that have held them in check for centuries. Although Afghan women have not yet achieved liberation, they have begun to take steps in the right direction in efforts to free women. Afghan women have not yet been liberated from oppression because they still face physical and mental abuse as well as being treated as invisible; however, it is possible for women to eventually be liberated with more steps in the right direction. The most visible and public deprivation of rights for women in Afghanistan is the amount of abuse that Afghanistan women must endure. Afghan women are forced to live a life in fear of how a stronger, more powerful

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