Women 's Leadership For Women

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We have great leader, especially are women leaders. They empower other people and embrace each other in a loving kind of way . The are some good leaders.There is also some bad, but the good outways the bad. It’s importance of women leaders . I think we have been wrong to some women just because they are women. Women should have the same rights as men do. This is coming from a man, so women aren’t they only ones wanting rights for each other. The good leaders out there in the world are trying to make a change. Trying to make this world a better place. We should have more women leaders in the world like this. They are leaders that want rights for each other. They are making a change for people everyday.
How are women good leader in this world. I think women have better work ethics to be leaders in their business. “It is that 6 out of 10 women want to be a senior leader in their company”(KPMG research 2). That means 60% of women want to lead their company and be a great leader for the company. As a leader “you have to teach others how to be leader.” Statistics say women at a young age, we’re taught how to be leaders.“67% of women reported they’d learned the most important lessons about leadership from other women”(KPMG Key findings 6). “The kpmg took 3,104 U.S. women (2,140 professional working women and 604 college women) between ages of 18 and 64 were surveyed as part of the study. Specifically, the study sought to identify how these women were socialized to leadership
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