Women 's Leadership For Women

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Women leaders
We have great leader especially are women leaders. They empower other people and embrace each other in a loving kind of way . The are some good leaders.There is also some bad, but the good outways the bad. It’s importance of women leaders . I think we have been wrong to some women just because they are women. Women should have the same rights as men do. This is coming from a man, so women aren’t they only ones wanting rights for each other. The good leaders out there in the world are trying to making a change. Trying to make this world a better place. We should have more women leaders in the world like this. They are leaders that want rights for each other. They are making a change for people everyday.
How are women good
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KPMG hops the insights derived from study will help companies identify actions that will contribute to women achieving their potential”(KPMG Research 2). “Older women working at ages 40-64 said that I wish I had been encouraged to be more self-confident and given the opportunity to develop leadership skills. I was told I was smart but not encouraged to lead”(KPMG Detailed Findings 9). When people in courage you and believe in you it gives you hope. The encouraging words of other people really boost your confidence.“Having people tell me this is something you can do’ built my confidence”(Duncan chairman, Research Summary 3). Women want to lead but have something something them and with some of this encouragement.“As women they are more cautious in taking steps toward leadership roles, and six in 10 find it hard to see themselves as a leader. The results reveal a critical disconnect: Women want to lead, but something is holding them back. The importance of confidence and connections is evident throughout the study, highlighting key opportunities to influence a woman’s perception of leadership”(Duncan Chair, Research Summary 3). All the women are trying to be leaders but how is the
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