Women 's Leadership Gap Between Women And Leadership

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Women make up a majority of the United States population and yet they are significantly behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions. Women only hold about 52 percent of all professional-level jobs (CITATION). When it comes to politics only about 20 percent of political leaders in the world are women (CITATION). In today’s society, women are absent in almost all major leadership positions in both business and politics. Women seeking leadership positions are constantly being faced with different obstacles. These obstacles include many negative stereotypes about female leaders. There is also the idea that women belong at home with taking care of the family not in the workplace. Another obstacle is that many women are lacking the necessary support and opportunities they need in order to succeed. Other obstacles they face are the leadership gap, lack of gender equality in the workplace. When it comes to the topic of women and leadership, there are many stereotypes one is likely to hear. One of the most common stereotypes about female leaders is that men are better leaders than women. Although we are able to see more males holding a leadership position that does not mean that they are “better” at it than women. Studies have shown that companies with women leaders often perform better (CITATION). Another stereotype associated with women and leadership is that women are too emotional to be in charge. Some also believe that women are weak and are not
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