Women 's Liberation Movement Of The 1960s And Burn Our Bras

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Since the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and “Burn our Bras” women have fought for their cause of equal rights. It should also be assumed that parallel ideas exist as it pertains to becoming a terrorist. If a woman holds the same extremist values as her male counterpart, she has the potential to be a more effective terrorist. Women are underestimated, misrepresented, and understudied. Historically, women have always been in the background of terrorist activities. The most substantial of their services is giving birth to future fighters. Women have progressed to become active participants in terrorism as a means to support their cause.
“When men conduct suicide missions, they are motivated by religious or nationalist fanaticism, whereas women appear more often motivated by very personal reasons.” (Bloom Dying, 145) Women tend to be drawn to terrorism for five reasons: revenge, redemption, relationships, religion, and respect. Revenge is often used as a motivation for retaliation against the death of a family member. Women who are shamed use terrorism to “wipe the slate clean.” By becoming a martyr, they redeem themselves from their status of an embarrassment while transforming into a source of pride for their family. The woman’s family can also influence her role in terrorism. If the important men in her life, such as husband or father, are involved in jihad, she could be motivated or forced to follow suit. Arranged and strategic marriages

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