Women 's Live 's The Last 500 Years

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Morgan Gathright
Professor Beardmore
History 106
4 December 2015
Women’s Live’s in the Last 500 Years Women have always taken the background in society of men throughout history. The beginnings of the fight for women’s rights began as they rethought the stereotypes that were placed on them by society. For years many women struggled to obtain rights that were equal to men’s. Women have reformed different movements that had intention to improve their own lives as well as others. Women have fought for many things, such as suffrage, social equality, and economics. In the last five hundred years of history, movements and developments such as witchcraft, the Ottoman Empire, World War I, and the Mughal Empire. When you think of a “witch”, what do you think of? An old woman wearing black, cone-shaped hat, black cat, or perhaps flying on a broom. Although this is a widely used stereotype of witches, witchcraft in the past is a religion that had a variety of followers. “In the 1500s and 1600s, tens of thousands of people, the majority of whom were women, were accused by both Catholic and Protestant religious authorities of being witches, and many of those accused were executed” (Witchcraft, “Early Modern Europe”). Witchcraft is still found in literature today. Shakespeare used three witches in his play MacBeth, where the witches serve as fortunetellers to MacBeth. Instead of the witches being portrayed as evil or insane, witches are portrayed as helpful members of society. Witches

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