Women 's Magazines And Its Impact On Society

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Women 's magazines have been around for a long time dating back to the 1600 's with The Murcury magazine in 1693 covering similar stories to that of today 's women 's magazines like Cosmopolitan or Glamour which consist of fashion, make-up, love and family. However women 's magazines haven 't always been associated with superficial substance, but as provoking and political covering stories of social activism; Glamour being the first women 's magazine to cover a women 's right to abortion. As women 's magazines have evolved, so has their content, which some would say lacks substance and although aimed at the so called regular women, these magazines like Glamour/Cosmo/Look etc. do not reflect or represent them, but instead put women into a genre that has been formulated by society. The evolution of the women’s magazines have drifted from being the social activist and political magazine’s they started up as, as society put women into the category of the consumer and lead by materialistic impulse, advertisement quickly became a main contender. Taking up space and influencing the substance of the editorial values that once being educational and representative, then became that of consumerism, celebrity culture and self-doubt. Women’s magazines have become a platform of contradiction, of substance and of self. "Women 's magazines as a genre itself is highlighted by the fact that there is no 'men 's world ' section. Essentially, as women 's magazine are marketed so…

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