Women 's Magazines Are Littered With Beauty Advertisements

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Women’s magazines are littered with beauty advertisements. On one page, a mascara ad promises thick and long lashes as a symmetrically faced woman holds the wand to her eyes. Her skin is pore less and she appears mechanical.. Turn the page and an actress/model stands with legs the circumference of an arm. She is modeling jeans, yet they are barely on her body. This kind of advertising does not end at the actual advertisements. The truth is that the magazine itself is an advertisement of its reader’s inadequacy. Furthermore, the magazine as a whole serves as an advertisement to a woman’s assumed lack of confidence. Almost every product featured in popular women’s magazines is a paid placement. It’s no secret that magazine publications are struggling as more consumers migrate to online platforms. Without subscriber funding, publications are forced to fund their company in various ways—similar to how a person will work many jobs in order to pay rent. Paid promotional articles and features fill this gap created by declining subscribers. This makes all of the adverts and all of the articles about fat loss and shiny hair even more trivial and unsubstantial. This issue could be excused, but it remains hard to ignore considering how much lack of diversity factors into this nook of the publication world. Cosmopolitan’s slogan is “Fun. Fearless. Female.” which indicates that it is geared towards an audience of women that is young and old, multi-racial, thick or thin. The contents
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