Women 's Movement By Rosemary Brown

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Women’s Movement “We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through it” -Rosemary Brown--politician and activist Rosemary Brown was a politician in Canada who worked tirelessly for the advancement of equality here. This quote shows her views and beliefs in her work; that equality was something that people must fight to achieve, then keep the opportunities and advancements open for those in the future. The fact that this was achieved in Canada makes the Women’s Movement defining in its importance. The progression Canada saw in the 1900s was important as firstly, the movement would have continuing effects on equality and culture in Canada. During the 1920s, women emphasized their efforts on social welfare policies, equal rights legislation, and the advancement of women in politics. The work of feminists during this time resulted in expanded rights for women in later years, proving again that the movement was important. Finally, due to the fact that women begun to play a major role in society, Canada saw prosperity economically and socially, displaying the necessity of the movement. So, due to the prevalent patriarchal values of the time, the women’s movement was necessary for improvement of Canada’s social, economic, and political climate in the 1900s. Firstly, equality and culture in Canada would be forever altered, thanks to the impact of women’s movement. The progression in women’s rights opened up

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