Women 's Movements Across The Globe

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Women’s movements across the globe, notably among the Western nations, are part of the international social movements which brought about major changes to the lives of many women in the United States, Canada and most other parts of the Western world. This is, because these movements opened women to professions and blue-collar jobs that previously had been reserved for men exclusively. The heyday of the women’s movement was in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In this essay, the struggle for change among women in the union movement will be examined. While treating this topic, the broad changes have taken place in work and employment since the 1970s and how this impact the relationship between women and unions shall be thoroughly investigated. Historically, trade unionization has often been a response to leveling out incongruence in the trade relations between the employers and employees of labour. According to Poole (1986), trade and labour unions are organization of employees or workers who have come together with the primary purpose of protecting the integrity of their trade. This goal can be achieved through gaining better bargaining power by settings safety standards and fighting for better working conditions (Poole, 1986). Most trades across the globe have become unionized, supporting historically information (Hunt & Rayside, 2000). Over the course of many decades, unions have evolved tremendously to adovate for workers’ issues. However, despite union movements which are
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