Women 's Oppression Of Women

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Women are the one of most oppressed groups of people among all civilizations and nations of the world. Throughout history, women have been belittled, abused, and discriminated against. They have been second-class citizens and seen as objects through almost all civilizations and throughout most of human history. The ideology behind these views has been challenged, but still women all around the world have continued to be oppressed and silenced as a result of practices in today’s societies that perpetuate the oppression of women and the continuation of gender-based violence and discrimination. Ending these practices is key to the end of gender-based discrimination, as the control and silencing of women cannot happen otherwise. In many developing nations, the oppression of women is continued due to many cultural traditions that have the effect of limiting a girl’s autonomy and agency, from even before adulthood. I decided to focus on South and Southeastern Asia, where many women are not given the same rights and agency as men. Many women throughout South and Southeast Asia suffer from gender-based discrimination and are barred from achieving equality with men for a number of reasons: extreme poverty throughout the region, a prevalence of cultural traditions in this region rooted in controlling female sexuality, practices surrounding marriage customs, and the valuing of male children over female children.
Rampant poverty in areas of South and Southeast Asia serves as the…
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