Women 's Political, Social And Legal Autonomy

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In this technologically leading world women’s has political, social and legal autonomy identical to men. Women also have a moral, lawful, and communal ability and right to make her own decision regarding her career, work, family and way of life. In this fast pace world women play many roles at the same time such as the daughter, mother, wife and friend in personal life on the other hand as employee, boss, legislator, and government worker in the public life. As many women experience stress in managing both fronts at the same time, it is very crucial to maintain not only their ethnic, public and economic rights but also their domestic and legislative rights. The idea or the concept of women’s right has not just emerged for the financial freedom but it developed gradually over the period of time due to social, cultural and political circumstances that commands development of women’s right. The most important constitute of self-reliance is the financial stability because it gives them the liberty to make their own life decisions so those who got global economic opportunities to grow experience more autonomy. If we look back in the history of laws for women then we can found many UN legal agreements covering various features covering such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) IN 1948 and in the year 1976 agreement on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights for the women. One of the highest developments in that are the documents on women’s
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