Women 's Portrayal Of Women

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The portrayal of women in advertisements has changed many times over the years. Women often appear as a sexual object in any kind of advertisement or as an attractive material standing nearby a product. Many companies which include the tobacco industry, alcohol companies as well as clothing and electronic and entertainment industries have used women to reach a target demographic which is typically males between the age of 18-34, in order to sell or market a specific brand. Advertisements objectify women by selectively targeting audiences in order to portray a set of debatable images and or styles even for women to aspire to. The use of women in this particular sense is widespread amongst all major forms of media(tv, print, radio,…show more content…
Magazines like Playboy claims to celebrate women 's beauty but Playboy doesn 't run pictures of typical women of all ages and physical types but instead run pictures of models who are young, visually appealing to the average male, and rarely a plus sized figure. These models are put through a "highly selective” process and afterwards they are’t portrayed as multi-dimensional young women they are often posed and dressed in a way to visually reduce a woman to parts of her body, as if she is not a real, whole person almost to de-emphasize individuality. Playboy leads the charge in the objectification of women, they are Playboy’s main tool to market and sell their product to millions. Objectifying women is obviously common in mainstream media and the each industry shows no signs of letting it go. It has been argued that the use of women as a sexual object has a great number of negative effects on individuals and societies. (Berg, 38) There has been growing concerns about the usage of women as a sexual instrument in marketing practices. Parents are complaining about the common use of sexuality and trying to prevent their children from being exposed to it.(Maas, 25) Pro-women associations are voicing their concerns by arguing that these kinds of applications devalue women’s place in a society. Religious groups are
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