Women 's Portrayal Of Women

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The portrayal of women in advertisements has changed many times over the years. Women often appear as a sexual object in any kind of advertisement or as an attractive material standing nearby a product. Many companies which include the tobacco industry, alcohol companies as well as clothing and electronic and entertainment industries have used women to reach a target demographic which is typically males between the age of 18-34, in order to sell or market a specific brand. Advertisements objectify women by selectively targeting audiences in order to portray a set of debatable images and or styles even for women to aspire to. The use of women in this particular sense is widespread amongst all major forms of media(tv, print, radio, internet). The use of sexual women are found in the advertisements for most product types from clothing to motor cars and from cosmetics to furniture. We can see these in modern commercials and print advertisements from networks and magazines which include SpikeTV, E!, Fox, Vibe magazine, Motortrend magazine and these are only just a few. This paper will help shed a light on how these marketing strategies are used to exploit women and to examine just how these methods can be used to benefit the male dominant industry of advertisement.

Women being used as marketing instruments has been critiqued for many years now. Advocacy groups such as the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE) and National Organization…

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