Women 's Portrayal Of Women

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My depiction of women in some of the stories showed them as weak and powerless. The women only existed to please people. The characters in the stories portrayed women as tools to use for their own convenience. The stories portray women as sexualized and used by many people. The women never speak out against any rule or regulation; instead, they nod and agree with whatever someone says. Like puppets, the women in these stories only existed for someone to enjoy physically or for them to help someone else gain status or rewards. Many of the women become abused, mentally or physically in some scenarios. I will give some examples of how women get portrayed poorly. In Candide, the men in the story describe the women as sexual objects. To quote Candide, “Her daughter Cunegonde, aged seventeen, was a ruddy-cheeked girl, fresh, plump, and desirable.” This sentence reveals how women get treated as sexual objects and trophies, and nothing more. The story states that men treated women as objects. An example of the objectification of women in Candide arises when Cunegonde got raped, rescued, and then sold as a mistress. After the rescue by Candide, Candide believes Cunegonde now has an obligation to marry him for saving her from the life of a mistress. Even the old woman states that she regrets the loss of her virtue. The old woman says, “As for myself, I was ravishing, was exquisite, grace itself, and I was a virgin! I did not remain so long; this flower, which had been reserved

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