Women 's Portrayal Of Women Essay

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Woman’s portrayal has changed over the years. In history, there was times where women were deprived of men 's privileges, and fortunately things changed over the years. Men 's perception on women has changed over the years as well. In history, women were treated as if they were alive to compliment men, and just be in the background while men thrived. There were “expectations” that women would have to depict, and stepping out of the ordinary was not respectable. A great way to see the changes of the way women are viewed, and how much progress the worlds made with gender-equality can be looked at through an example of contemporary drama, and media. Women staring in Media nowadays have roles that are completely different than in the past, it shows progress. TV shows nowadays who have leading women, have women who portray a powerful, strong, intelligent, and 'in charge ' persona. It 's not rare to see women having leading roles in musicals on Broadway, or big roles on TV. Typically, the roles we see motivate us, or women feel they can relate. Perfect examples of this 'strong and independent ' persona would be characters seen on TV such as Olivia Pope from ABC Family 's hit show Scandal, and Daenerys Targaryen from HBO 's hit series Game of Thrones. Scandal & Game of Thrones both include characters who exemplify heroic attributes and power that would never be acceptable in the past for a woman to obtain. Scandal has Olivia Pope portrayed as the woman who can handle anything.

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