Women 's Portrayal Of Women

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We aren’t trapped in the 1950’s. Women have the right to vote and can be the breadwinner of their families. Television shows should and do portray women as go- getters who aren’t expected to stay home to cook and clean for the families. There is not anything wrong with being a stay at home mom, but it would do women a disservice to only portray them on television as the one who provides for the family. Currently, there are shows on television that present women in various roles that teach about feminism in our society and how adversely it affects women if they do not stand up for their rightful place.
People like to see themselves reflected on television. In my Mass Media and Society class last semester, we discussed minority
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Creators run the risk of losing viewers if they fail to portray feminism in their program.
As a woman, I cannot stand it when people discriminate me because I am a female. What does it have to do with anything? I feel like I am constantly trying to get people to take me seriously because I am a woman, and I shouldn’t have to. We have come very far in our society in terms of female equality, but we have got so far to go and television should portray that advancement. I shouldn’t be discounted from a leadership position because I’m a girl, nor should I expect any preferential treatment because of it. I should be discounted from a position because I am unqualified, not because of my sex. Women face challenges similar to this every day and those challenges should be reflected on my television screen.
Acknowledging that a female is worth something on television empowers me as a woman. I want see women on TV going after what they want and not letting anyone stop them. I want to see women on TV who have jobs and kids and are just trying to balance it all. In the current stage of my life, I need some sort of advice. Do I sacrifice the career that I love so I can tuck my kids in at night? How can I do both? While television shows with proper representation of women don’t necessarily give me the answer, they give me examples of ways women have done it and I learn from them. I understand that all television shows don’t
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