Women 's Portrayal Of Women Essay

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The term, media, is plural because it is the combination of different instruments (the different types of technology) that is used to perpetuate the same homophilic values and beliefs. In our everyday conversations, we utilize these words and the technologies without ever analyzing the ideas and concepts which they stand for. The extent to which we do not analyze media leaves us vulnerable to the desensitization of the messages and ideas they perpetuate. After analyzing multiple films such as Whiplash, Birdman, American Sniper, Snow White and the Huntsman, Project X and 21 Jump Street, Resident Evil, Underworld it was evident that women were negatively portrayed in films. Examples of such negative roles are that women are hypersexualized, cast in stereotypical roles and are considered less valuable because of age. Even though more films are casting older women, creating less stereotypical and sexually objective roles, the majority of films still capture women in a negative light.
First, women in the film are often hypersexualized. In other words, women are often cast in roles which seem to only value their bodies and not other qualities which they have to offer. In the article, Normalizing Male Dominance: Gender Representation in 2012 Films, Chloe Beighley and Jeff Smith, analyzes the portrayal of women in film. In the film, Project X, the roles which the women play are very sexual. For example, a woman was only present in the movie when the male characters were engaged in

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