Women 's Representation Of Women

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In Women and Gender in Islam, Leila Ahmed skillfully conveys her perspective on current ideologies about Islamic women by taking into consideration the chronological framework for which it help to shape women’s position in society. By covering a vast range of Islamic doctrines during various historical periods ranging from pre-Islamic times all the way to Western influences in nineteenth century Egypt, Leila is able to provide a distinctive picture of the often misunderstood topic of women’s role in Islam. What makes her book more fascinating is that she includes lots of details surrounding Islamic society, while focusing on the inherent stereotypes of women’s oppression and their cultural aspect of veiling. Throughout the book, Ahmad makes numerous references to veiling and traditional clothing as a symbol of women’s regression, created by anti-feminist western groups as a way to justify and unleash their colonial attacks on Islamic societies. As she unravels and explores the topic of gender in Islam, she provides a concrete overview of their existing conditions and shows the discourses generated as a result of patriarchal colonialism and women’s position in Islamic societies. Therefore, this paper will analyze the misconceptions created around Islamic women and how Western’s influences helped shape their gender roles/system.

While Ahmed admits that there might misconceptions or misquoted passages within her book, he attempt to show how women were treated…

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