Women 's Representation Of Women Essay

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he documentary Miss Representation addressed and discussed many prevalent matters with regard to women’s representation in the media. The document argues that the media portrays women as either hyper sexualized, too conservative, too submissive, or too dominant and so on. The main idea is that TV, advertisements, magazines, and music too often portray women in a negative, male biased light. This documentary detailed many examples of these phenomena occurring in our society. A great example of the negative representation of women in the media is the use of women’s bodies in advertisements. Many advertisements exploit women by using their bodies as objects to sell and promote goods. A good example of such objectification and exploitation is almost every beer ad features an attractive young woman provocatively dressed. Furthermore, the documentary highlighted the increase in celebrity and pop culture news pushing real news out of the way. This celebrity news primarily discusses women in the public eye, and highlights how much they weigh, what they are wearing, or how they look. This superficial, damaging attention not only can hurt the individuals being targeted, but also sends the wrong message to young girls who may view this coverage. Another good example is the alterations of women’s bodies through Photoshop in advertisements. These retouched photographs give women and girls a false idea of what the women truly look like, and thus cause them to measure themselves against

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