Women 's Representation Of Women

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When you hear about most leadership roles majority of the time it’s a man in that position. From researching different points about women in leadership it has opened my eyes to multiple subjects in the today world. It shows many ways of how people in the society see women. Enormous amount of women have more than one thing on their plate. But still are complete everything let alone being a mother, great wife to her husband, and be a successful lady. Women can be the most powerful people if they were not judge or not looked at as equal due to their gender. Although women hold almost 52 percent of all professional level job, American women still lag behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership position. These characteristics on what is been seen throughout the media now a days. There are many areas of gender stratification to point out that still happens in present day. According to, the film Miss Representation majority of the time shows display all different type of situations of the men being powerful person, the hero of all the circumstances. Letting you know that they see men as the powerful one, and the weak one. The film let many ladies who were in leaderships roles talk about what they had to go through just to get in that position. For instance, a lady name Margaret Cho stated about her manager asked her about getting somethings done to her like losing weight, Botox and getting done to keep her job. At the end of the day when she didn’t meet their

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