Women 's Representation Of Women

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Since the beginning of cinema, there has been an ongoing issue in regards to the representation of women, or in fact, the lack of representation that is authentic to real women. Women have often been reduced to token roles and sexualised for the benefit of the male gaze, thus this turbulent relationship between women and cinema was born. To this day we still have a long way to go, however, the representation of women has evolved significantly due to factors such as; the wave of feminism, changing of ideologies, and subverting hegemonic norms. In the majority of mainstream Hollywood films, we are introduced to the media-induced idea of the 'perfect woman '; beautiful, white, and thin. This is for the benefit of a presumed male audience; and despite there being a handful of rogue female heroines who subvert this idea, this idealized portrayal of women is the overwhelming consensus in most Hollywood films and forms of media we consume. Comic books have also frequently been criticized for this, as they have been guilty of consistently sexualising the female form and catering specifically to a male audience. However in recent years an influx of new heroin 's and the evolving of old characters has helped tackle this issue. The representation of women in comic books has seen steady progress, and most of the original superheroines were created during the 40s and 50s. This is a reflection of the time period they were made, and offers an insight into the ideologies of the time.

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