Women 's Representation Of Women

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In a survey regarding body image, 69.3% of teenagers said they were not happy with their appearance, and 64% of women in there sixties said they were not happy with their appearance either. The difference between the two, however, is that the majority of the older women were ‘grateful’ about the way they look, while most teenagers described themselves as ‘self-conscious’ when it comes to their physical appearance (“How Women Feel About Their Looks”). These statistics prove that women of all ages are affected by women’s representation in the media, as more often than not, the women presented have unattainable physical characteristics and flawless facial features. John Berger, a British novelist, poet and art critic, wrote Ways of Seeing in 1972, where he focuses on how traditional, European nudist art plays a major role in the images we have of women in our media today. Berger claims that the “social presence of a woman is different in king from that of a man” (Berger 193) because a man’s presence is determined by the potential power which he asserts. As for a woman, the way she portrays and views her self determines how she expects to be treated by those around her. Her presence will be reflected through her actions and physical appearance. Berger uses the difference in social presence to explain why the spectator is always implied to be male when looking at visual representations of females. More than forty years later, Berger’s argument is still valid and can be applied to

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