Women 's Resistance During Captivity

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The importance of Nina Simone’s legendary song “Four Women” illustrates the harsh realities that enslaved Black Women endured. It gives insight through the lens of how society views the legacy for Black Women, and exposes the struggles inflicted onto Black Women who were in bondage. An extraction of the inequalities that Black Women suffered was physical abuse, sexual violence, and psychological agony. In each character of the song, Simone relates it to the various lifestyles coerced upon Black Women during slavery, and whether they succumbed or persevered within them. The character “Peaches” is conveyed as resilient and prepared to obtain justice by any means necessary, even death. Women like “Peaches” were willing to take dangerous…show more content…
Still, a Black Woman running away from her plantation was not an easy mission to complete. Many Women had children which made the act of escaping multifaceted, nevertheless some Women opted to run away with their children. In attempt to counterattack the abuse from slavery, Black Women had to make a complex decision. The Virginia Slave Codes was a set of laws enacted to regulate the enslaved. In September 1668, a law was passed pertaining to runaway slaves which detailed how “Servants running away may be punished by their master or magistrate, and that moderate corporal punishment inflicted upon a runaway servant shall not deprive the master of the satisfaction allowed by the law”. The mere fact that there was a necessity to generate a law for runaway slaves indicates that this was one method Blacks utilized to resist. Thus, enslaved Black Women applied additional behaviors of resistance. Another matter deliberated in the Virginia Slave Codes is when Whites became cognizant of the loopholes in the law and passed a law stating that children born by interracial sex did not mean that the child would be free due to their Father’s White ethnicity. The condition of the child in terms of slavery would follow the current condition of the Mother. This is an additional key point in how Black Women who had sexual relations by force or consent was using the multi-racial identity of their
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