Women 's Right And Racial Inequality Essay

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Argument Essay When looking back to several decades ago in comparison to now, it is quite obvious how far America has come in certain areas and issues. Two of the major areas of change that have occurred here in America pertain to the issues related to women’s right and racial inequality. In modern times, the women here in America have copious rights and privileges due to the passing of laws and acts. In addition, African American citizens now have rights equal to white people due to the Civil Rights Act and the impact of certain leaders. While our country has made significant progress in these areas, there are still inequalities present in our nation that could use attention. There are ways to overcome these issues and inequalities, but it takes the care and consideration of those willing to help make a change. Women’s rights have come a long way in America. The major changes for women over generations have been primarily in family life, employment, education, and government. Before the passing of the 19th amendment, women did not have the equal right to vote like men did. Even after women were granted the right to vote, they did not suddenly elevate to the same level as men. They still had fewer rights and different expectations in comparison to men at the time. and Women had no legal identity and were unable to own any land or property and they were expected to stay home and tend to cooking, cleaning, and the caretaking of the children. Women were not allowed to work
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