Women 's Right Birth Control

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Women’s Right-Birth Control

For many decades women have faced the issue of birth control along and women rights. Not being able to have a voice in matters that concern their personal life as well as their health, women were subjected to doing what society thought was morally appropriate like getting married and having children while giving up their right to receive an education or go to work. Women who were not ready to have children at that time relied on birth control which is a contraceptive that is used to prevent pregnancies. Many women found themselves battling the issue of their sexual lives been put into question simply because they chose to use birth control. Author Rickie Solinger stated “many believe that a woman’s decision to get pregnant or not, and to have a baby or not, remains a private matter, an orientation reflected in the commonly used term “choice”” (Solinger 2). If a women choose to not have a child she had that right. Society could not hold her at fault because this was a matter that was only her concern. Many people believe that women should not be allowed to take birth control because child bearing has been considered a natural beautiful thing. A women has always been thought of as the homemaker during the eighteenth century. Tending to the children, cooking and cleaning was the only thing that women were good for. Others say that a woman should have a right to choose when and how she plans to conceive a child. Americans today have put a lot…
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