Women 's Rights And Political Regimes

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Women’s rights have been a historically controversial issues around the world, which is no exception in Iran, where the struggle between modernization and keeping the old traditional Islamic values has been a main focus between political leaders. Throughout the decade’s, women in Iran have experienced many changes and challenges regarding their rights and freedoms. Women’s rights in Iran have varied with the changed in leader and regime for decades. Each regime has dictated every aspect of women’s lives, from voting to their daily outfit; without their contribution or approval. Women in Iranian society were demerit due to laws and legislations which affect their freedoms. In Iranian society women are at a disadvantage whether from the oppression from political regimes or from the society. The current situation and the crisis faced by Iranian women are led by the political regimes.
History of Iran
During Pahlavi Era (1925-1979) Iran was consider to be a nation that was progressing towards modernizations. From 1926 to 1941, King Reza Shah Pahlavi established Iran as a monarch nation through democratically elected. He reformed many aspects of Iran by modernizing social, economic and politic. One of the things that he advanced was educating women and westernizing the nation. He believed Iran was conservative and needed to reform into western society. So, he advocated women’s right to have education and also unveiling of women. He obligatory women to remove the chador, which
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