Women 's Rights And Responsibilities Of Adulthood Essay

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At the divine age of eighteen, one acquires the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. Whether that may be moving out, joining the military, voting, buying tobacco products, possessing firearms, and even legal documentation of marriage. All of these can be done without a parent or guardian’s consent. Thus, this age advancement not only grants freedom to young adults, but legally one is expected to make and be held accountable for adult their decisions, as well. Yet, the idea of allowing one below the age of twenty-one to obtain alcohol is still illegal, which can be an unsettling thought since the government trusts eighteen to be a mature enough age to no longer be considered a minor.
In spite of the fact that in order to drink an alcoholic beverage, legally, one must be above the age of twenty-one, those under age still consume just as frequently as those above the age. Even those younger than eighteen manage to get their hands on alcohol. There should be a strengthened system for those selling and providing alcohol to anyone making the purchase. Along with that those who are no longer considered a minor in the United States Government’s eyes should have the right to obtain, purchase, and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. In all reality, until thirty-two years ago, those above eighteen could consume just as freely as desired. This was changed when the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 was passed changing the legal age from eighteen to twenty-one.
On the contrary to,
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