Women 's Rights And The Rights

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Throughout history women have had to repeatedly fight for the basic rights readily given to their male counterparts. The right to vote, the right to own property, the right to divorce, and the right to an equal education are only a few of many examples in which women have had to fight for gender equality against their peers, and even their own government. I believe the women’s plight of this generation is a woman’s right to an abortion. It is my opinion that women should retain the right to an abortion, regardless of trimester. No state or federal law should be able to regulate a situation so personal and private, or impose laws in order to make treating the condition more difficult for those involved. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is morally complex for everyone involved, however, it should be a woman’s decision and hers alone. An invasion of privacy in such an inhuman way is unconstitutional and a direct attack on women’s rights and the progress women have made in striving for equality.
On March 29, 1965 the Supreme Court was presented with the infamous case, Griswold v. Connecticut. When Estelle Griswold, the Executive Director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut and a colleague, the Medical Director for the League, unlawfully gave medical advice to married couples considering birth control. Such counseling was illegal in the state of Connecticut and the two were criminalized for potentially preventing contraception. On June 7, 1965 the Supreme
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