Women 's Rights At Meriwether Lewis And William Clark

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Throughout history there have been many honorable mentions of women all over the world, from Abigail Adams to Margaret Mead. For example, look at Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; history talks about their expedition across the Louisiana Territory and how they helped expand America, but in truth it was really Sacagawea’s expedition. If Lewis and Clark had gone by themselves they would have gotten lost, died of disease or killed by Indian tribes, however because of Sacagawea’s knowledge of the land, plants and surrounding Indian tribes the expedition went good. How did this Native American woman have all this knowledge? The answer is simple, she learned all of this from her parents. Since Sacagawea’s parents took the time to teach her…show more content…
The second one I chose to write about was Susan B. Anthony because of how she was raised to stand up for her beliefs about men and women being equal. The last one I chose to write about was Helen Keller because even though her parents did not raise her, she had an amazing and kind caretaker named Anne Sullivan that showed her that even though she was deaf and blind she could change the world for the better. These women have rightfully earned their spots in history and should be praised for the sacrifices they made to make America a better place for slaves, women and the disabled.

Sojourner Truth
During the late seventeenth century if a person was not a land owning single white male, they were treated horrible. This left women and slaves to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Now imagine being a woman born into slavery, this would put the woman even lower on the pole; close to being equal with dirt. However, this did not stop Sojourner Truth from fighting for women’s rights and being an abolitionist.
Nell Painter, author of Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol writes about Sojourner Truth’s life and how she was used as a symbol for various movements. Painter shows how religion was a major point in Truth’s ministry about how slaves and women should be treated fairly and equal to men. In Painter’s book, she writes about how Truth gained fame from the Akron women’s rights conference because of her giving her speech, “"Dat man over dar say dat woman needs to be helped into
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