Women 's Rights Convention : The Seneca Falls Convention

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Meeting Lucretia Mott lead to one of Stanton’s greatest accomplishments which was the world’s first women’s rights convention, the Seneca Falls Convention. “The Seneca Falls Convention, a gathering on behalf of women’s rights held in the upstate New York town where Stanton lived, raised the issue of woman’s suffrage for the first time” (Foner 452). This was a huge milestone to spread the word about women 's equality in the United States. It was the first women’s convention, so it gathered a lot of hype and attention to women’s need of rights. There’s no reason why women should not get the right to vote, or the right of education just because their gender. Thankfully, “the convention was the beginning of the 70 year struggle woman’s suffrage” (Foner 453). Stanton helped spread the voice of women and their own ideas about rights. With the men being dominant in the society, it was difficult to lead the way of women 's rights, but the Seneca Falls Convention started it all. At first, they had to get the word out that the Seneca Falls Convention is happening. With the help of Martha Wright, Mary Ann McClintock and Jane Hunt; Cady and Mott published the event in the Seneca County Courier. The article read that the convention examined the social and religious rights of women. It is hosted at Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls on July 19th and 20th at 10 A.M. The article claimed that the 19th is reserved for only women and the 20th is welcomed for anyone to attend. The
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