Women 's Rights For Equal Treatment And Equal Rights

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Blanca Romero
November 1st, 2015
Fall 2015 Womenism in Our Everyday Life

Women have always been treated as second class citizens in the United States, they have battled for equal treatment and equal rights. Although women have more rights than they used to, there is still much progress to be made. There is a clear discrimination against women to this day; there’s a disadvantage when it comes to the workplace, they get paid less than men and are less likely to have authority positions. To self-identify as a feminist is very stigmatized, it has been difficult to move away from the negative connotations the term has. Feminists are made out to be men-hating lesbians, however, feminism is about equal treatment and even men can self-identify as such. As a woman of color I identify with Bell Hooks, FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYBODY Passionate Politics. Women of color needed feminism that was more inclusive and that advocated for the rights of ALL women, and not just white women. Women are objectified and are a reflection of a patriarchal society. When talking about feminism, many women of color couldn’t see their struggles reflected in the white feminist agenda. For example, white women argue that they’re paid less than men in the workplace, however fail to acknowledge that there is a discrepancy within women, women of color are paid upto a third less than a white women, This is just one of the many problems, in result there were several movements that sparked from the…

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