Women 's Rights For Women

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Women today cannot function outside the home. If women truly want suffrage, then they have to demand equality across all fields of life. Suffrage alone will not solve Women’s Rights issues, being allowed to live the life they desire will. Currently women are not equal to men in any place. My top venues to insist equality in are the law, workplace, and home. The traditional life of the American woman is oppressive. My first issue consists of the lack of women’s rights in the judicial system. When a woman decides to get married she is signing up to have all her monetary value given to her husband, “…a married woman becomes legally ‘covered’ by her husband, who enjoys ownership not only of her property, wealth, and wages, but also of her body and her children (Treacy, 19).” A man does not need to do a lick of work; all he needs to do is find a wealthy enough girl to marry and he immediately makes a pretty penny. Women are not livestock, to be used until their worth is gone. The mothers of your children should have the right to keep her family’s property, to protect not only herself, but also the interests of her children! New York has helped make strides against this by creating the New York’s Married Woman’s Property Act, a law “allowing married women control over their real estate, personal property, and income (Treacy, 19).” This is a good start. One state allowing girls have authority over what they bring into a marriage does not fix the problem. Every state needs to

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