Women 's Rights For Women

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Over several centuries, women have been fighting for their rights. There has been certain changes to benefit women, but they seem to be invisible. We still live in a society where there is gender inequality in all aspects. Including the pay gap, the barriers stopping them to advance in the workforce, health care rights, and justice when speaking about violence (victim blaming). Recognized as “women’s issues” there has been little or no support from several candidates that have run for president; however, the 2016 elections seem to be different. One of the Democate candidates, Hillary Clinton has been fighting for women’s rights and has proposed to make changes for good so that there can be inequality among each other. She states that, “ issues that affect women’s lives are not just “women’s issues”—they are family issues, they are economic issues, and they are crucial to our future competitiveness.” Once, in the office, she will focus on equality and opportunities for girls and women as they are important the future just like men. This issue has been around for years. Some people argue that women will never people treated equally in a society that is ruled by men. Others contend that over the past year women have been on the “ Second Shifts”, having a job where they are getting paid and the house work job which they do not get paid. It is in all of our interest to make a change and support Hillary Clinton to enforce women’s rights. It is time that women are taken for

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