Women 's Rights For Women

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The social justice that I have identified and decided to describe is the ‘Women’s rights’. Women’s rights cover a wide range of issues that protect women. They are the justifications and prerogatives that are universally granted to women and girls. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language describes these rights as “socioeconomic, political, and legal rights for women equal or equivalent to those of men”.1 This issue was brought to the world’s attention when some activists looked for ways to attain equality for women by becoming defiant to biased labor customs and inequitable laws. They availed women with informative resources, launched political groups and wrote books and articles defying sexism in society. This matter…show more content…
We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way”2, this implies that organization, among other issues, fights against discrimination. NOW has over a long period of time become a force to reckon with as it has and is still playing significant roles in advancing changes for the betterment of women and girls. Some of its actions and enactments have enhanced women’s chances of getting into political spotlights, amplified their educational, employment and business chances. Furthermore, attempts to halt viciousness, aggravation, and unfairness against them are being implemented. Even though the main offices are situated in Washington, DC, the institute enjoys the convenience of being found in all 50 states and boasts of having thousands of members from all walks of life. NOW uses an all-inclusive method to women’s rights as it attempts to captivate economic equality and acquire adjustments to the U.S. Constitution in the hope of securing permanent solutions for women’s equal rights. It strongly believes in upholding the conviction that "Women 's rights are human rights"3 as was stressed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, then First Lady of the United States, on 5 September 1995, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. For instance, it entirely promotes the rights for women to be availed with services like having access to

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