Women 's Rights For Women

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Women have been fighting for equality in America since 1848, and since then major gains have been made. With women getting the right to vote in 1920 they are considered equal to men according to the United States Constitution. Over the next decades women increased opportunities available to them in nearly all aspects of life; be it sports, careers, pay, legal rights, and many others. However, one of the restrictions that was still in place on women until recently was restricting women from having full access to jobs in the military. When most people talk about “women in the military” they usually refer to women in combat jobs as women have been helping or serving the U.S. military in some capacity since its inception. As of 2016, all jobs in the military have been opened to women except in special cases. Obviously, with this issue being quite controversial, there are sharp opinions and beliefs concerning this decision as there have been for many years. With this decision being so new, however, it is unlikely that we will see any meaningful data on the subject for many years to come. Especially considering that the U.S. military is not in a war time state. There are many questions and problems when it comes to integrating women into different jobs in the military, such as: height, weight, and bodily differences and accommodations that women require that men do not. The opinions on this issue go deeper than simple physiological differences and they can be boiled down to two

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