Women 's Rights Movement : Margaret Fuller

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Margaret Fuller Woman in the Nineteenth Century, 1845 Heather McMurry American History II Online April 13, 2015 Margaret Fuller Woman in the Nineteenth Century “We would have every arbitrary barrier thrown down. We would have every path laid open to women as freely as to men. If you ask me what offices that may fill, I reply - any. I do not care what case you put; let them be sea captains, if you will” -Margaret Fuller.. Margaret Fuller was a highly educated and well respected philosophical influence of the nineteenth century who contributed significantly to influence the women’s rights movement. She didn’t join organized movements or women’s rights organizations because she felt that she could have more of an impact by speaking and acting independently, in which she excelled. Margaret was privileged to receive an impressive education that included rigorous homeschooling by her father, a Harvard graduate, lawyer and politician. When her father was elected to congress in 1817 she began attending The Port School, a private grammar school that was designed to prepare students, mostly boys, to enter Harvard. Although women were not allowed into Harvard at this time, some girls were allowed to attend The Port School. Margaret, known for her intellect, was privileged to have been born the oldest child in a family of intellectuals. Before the age of 14 Margaret was reading French, Greek and Latin. Her father’s prominent circle allowed her to
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