Women 's Rights Of Education

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Women’s rights in education have improved greatly since the early 1800s — when girls only learned skills that society believed would make them good wives and would be ostracized for wanting more in their education. Today, more women than men attend and complete their collage degrees. In the early 1800s education was mainly for middle and upper class citizens in America, and was for boys. Even thought both classes were educated it was in very different ways. In the North if you were a part of an upper class family for most of you education you would have a private teacher or tutor come to your house and teach you. After you finished your schooling at your house you would be sent away to a collage or a university. If you were part of a middle class family and were a boy you would be sent to a local school and would usually not go to collage. Although it was not popular for girls in this time to go to school to receive an education some families would send their daughters to dame schools. These dame schools were similar to kindergarten and there both boys and girls were taught simple reading and writing. After girls finished their schooling at dame schools they usually would leave school and would be taught skills such as sewing. But some girls, that were usually a part of the upper class, would have tutors come to their homes and teach them math and more writing so that they would be able to organize the house expenses when they got married. (The History of Women and
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