Women 's Rights Of The New Zealand

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New Zealand Women have had the completely equal rights with men before the rest of the world since 1840. In 1840 was the first organized British immigration started to move to New Zealand. Theoretically, these rights would be a vague rules as long as it not applied so Women’s right in New Zealand was changing until a female Prime Minister was chosen in 1997 which is a milestone of the women’s rights attaining equality. Some females active in politics mainly affected the New Zealand society to formulate women’s basic rights, resulted that women have become more independent and brave to stand for their freedom instead of blind marriage for example . this essay will demonstrate how women have moved from being trapped as accessories to males to being independent individuals in their own rights.

One of the significant women life story is Barbara Weldon . A woman represented by the low-educated women in New Zealand. She was born in 1829, Country Limerick, Ireland. In 1861, she "made a number of court appearance for drink related offenses and also known as 'a notorious character ' in Melbourne, Australia." (Hutchison, 1990). She moved to Dunedin, New Zealand by early 1863 when gold was discovered in the West Coast and work as a prostitute for her living. By the time in 19th centuries, prostitution was not in itself a criminal offense. However, She finally received a one-way ticket to Hokitika from Dunedin Resident Magistrate 's Court on charges of drunkenness and disorderly…

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