Women 's Rights Of Women

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In education, many subjects are taught. The core subjects include English, Science, and Math. Math is commonly known. But, it was not always. Schools have made math easy to access and learn. Early in history, it was uncommon for a woman to attend school. How did they learn math? one may ask. The answer is they usually did not. For years women had to fight for rights. Women were denied civil, economic, political, cultural, and social rights. In 1792, a major leap in women’s writes occurred. A book written by Mary Wollstonecraft called A Vindication of The Rights of Women. This book was a declaration of women’s rights to civil equality and education equality. This book aroused the question “Why are women not allowed to education?”.…show more content…
She was the eldest of 21 children in her family. After her mother’s passing, Maria was expected to educate her younger siblings. Maria was recognized as a child prodigy at the age of 5 when she had already learned multiple languages including Italian and French. Maria, being an intelligent woman who desired a higher education, brought attention to women’s right to education. She even conducted a presentation over women’s rights that lasted over an hour. She desired knowledge so much she actually became ill at the age of 12 from strenuous studying and stress from learning. This illness eventually caused her to have convulsions. She had to undergo many methods of relaxation to rehabilitate her. As she grew older, she wanted to join a covenant and live her life devoted to her religion. But, after being denied her wish by her father, she dedicated most her time to her studies. She obtained a lot of knowledge throughout her life. She studied many subjects including language, philosophy, theology, and mathematics. She is famously known for writing a mathematics text book about calculus and being the first female appointed professorship at a university. Maryam Mirzakhani, born May 3, 1977, is one of the more recent significant women in Mathematics. Mirzahkani was born in Iran where she also attended school at the Tehran Farzanegan School and Sharif University of Technology. She was very successful in school. She won many prizes and obtained several

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