Women 's Rights Of Women

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It wasn’t until the early 1960’s when second wave feminism got its start. It focused primarily on mass social change and fought some of the oppression women were and still are facing today. It brought freedom for women in regards to their reproductive rights and sexuality amongst other things. Prior to this cultural shift, the women’s role in society was set. The image of the nuclear household dominated the time, and women were not only expected but in a way forced to become housewives and child bearers. The female Beats came in like a storm, being more interested in sex, drugs, and drinking. Because of sexism, and its undeniable grasp on American society, the male Beats were seen as outcasts, but the female beats suffered even more. The Beats, both males and females, were rebels for themselves. I believe that when they were writing at that time it was more for their own freedom and individual experience then other fellow Americans. Of course, that ended up not being the case, and today, over 60 years later American youth still read their works and feel powerful, inspired, and enlightened. I could write a massive essay of the importance of the female Beat writers as a whole, but today I find it important to focus on one who is still writing, still performing, and still inspiring today; Anne Waldman. Anne Waldman was born April 2, 1945 in a small town in New Jersey. She spent most of her time in New York’s Greenwich Village, a neighborhood known as an artist’s haven. Her

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