Women 's Rights Of Women

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In past years women have been inferior to men and have sat in the background and watched as men ruled. Woman we’re treated as property and were only used for things like having children, raising the children, keeping the house clean, to cook, and to obey all of the wishes of a man. The only women that men highly respected were the goddesses, like the goddess Artemis, Hera, and Eris. The men would pray to the goddess for the things they don’t have in there life. From the day a girl is born she is property, she is owned by her father at first and then her husband. Women weren’t expected and in most cases aloud to go out and make their own money, they are even aloud to own a house or sue someone. The roles of women back then were final and it was a struggle for them to even exist, sometimes even women being seen was unheard of. A mans opinion was the only opinion that matter at that time, men determined what was right and what was wrong, what was socially acceptable, and what women were and weren’t aloud to do. Men had separate rooms from the women and children that they would take company into and talk with them because they believed that women didn’t need to hear what they were talking about because they were uneducated and didn’t have the right to have an opinion. Men even decided what women did for an occupation. They chose this the women were going to be a house wife or a prostitute. Women were treated no better then a domestic slave and they struggled trying to become
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