Women 's Rights Of Women

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Throughout hundreds of years, women have experienced inequalities by society and by the law. Mostly, women were treated differently from men. The women in America during the late 1800’s were treated unequally to men because they couldn’t vote, they had no job opportunities, and they were controlled in marriage. In the beginning, only men had the privilege to vote on any law that they desired which is a reason why women were treated unequally to men. Unlike women who didn’t have the birthright to take place in voting. It’s discriminating that women could not have the opportunity to vote just because of their gender.” Women began to organize a voting rights movements in the late 1800’s” (M. F. Mikula. 1999). Men…show more content…
The women’s suffrage movement helped expand people’s mind and tried to prove to people that women were as knowledgeable as men. As a result, the women’s suffrage movement started to gain strength after the 15th Amendment. The Amendment stated that black males had the right to vote now, but still not women. “Women refused to support the Fifteenth Amendment if it excluded women.” (J. M. Palmisano 2001). Some women compared their inequalities to slavery by saying “I appeal to you men. If you were under such control of another man would you not consider it an absolute slavery?” (Credo, 2003). This made women of the movement want to strive harder to get their equal rights. Another reasons women were treated unequally to men were with job opportunities and schooling. Teaching was the furthermost recognized job for women in the late 1800’s. With that said, women could only work in the arts department of education. They were unable to work in the math or science department. More than half of the primary and secondary schools were taught by female teachers in 1870. On the other hand, women teachers made less money than male teachers, even though they made more than half of the primary and secondary schools. Another reason women were treated unequal with job opportunity was because they couldn’t have any other profession than teaching. Around about 95% of women had to stay home during the 1800’s. The women were in charge of making the home goods
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