Women 's Rights Of Women

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Introduction Through out American history, until the 1920s, women were ignored in every aspect of their life. From politics, to social situations, women were constantly looked at as lesser. The 20s was a decade of women ready to fight for their rights. From gaining social freedoms, to getting political rights, the 20s was the first decade of feminism. Many women played key roles in the fight for women 's rights through speeches, marches, and much more. The women that fought for their rights in the 1920s completely changed how women live their lives today. Women before the 1920s Before 1920, women were treated extremely unfairly. Single women were not allowed to own their own property, or sign their own contracts. Single women even had a hard time getting their own credit. Without a husband, women were overlooked. The social norm was for women to stay home and take care of the house or kids, while the men would earn all of the money (Pearl 2014). If women did have jobs, they were only paid 54%-60% of what a man got paid. Even if she was qualified, not many men would trust a women to do their job correctly. Girls were also expected to wear long, loose dresses, with high collars and big hats. Politically; women were not allowed to vote, or hold positions on the jury (Pearl 2014). A girls parents would also expect her to marry fairly early with the man they chose for her. But, men, by law, did not have to treat women properly.

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