Women 's Rights Of Women

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Throughout very early American life, the roles of women were to promptly overcome the pressure to marry, and strictly uphold the standards of homemaking and motherhood. Women eventually began to diverge from the traditional roles of their previous female ancestors when tension became the norm with common experience in love, marriage, religion, independence, and family relations. Early American life presented women with overwhelming demands to marry. Marriage was in such high favor for economical benefits, not romantic relations. Life depended on status, wealth, religion, race, colony and century one belonged. Women were considered lucky if they married well enough to have a farm their family owned and a husband with a good trade. There…show more content…
Mothers dying during childbirth happened in five to ten percent of births in early American life. Bradstreet makes it clear in this poem that her life is solely her family. She thought of her husband as a friend and loved him dearly: “How soon’t my be thy lot to loose thy friend,” (8) and her children were everything she worked for “Look to my little babies, my dear remains” (22)(Lauter). Bradstreet travels through the emotions of death and the possibilities of leaving her life and duties as a wife, mother, and homemaker. She is sincere in her fears of their lives without her. With maturity, Bradstreet’s tension also cultivated. Her poetry expresses the tensions of wanting to express her individuality in a society hostile to self autonomy and valued poetry only if it praised God. Anne Bradstreet was a quality Puritan woman, loyal wife and tolerable mother, but she had a passion of writing poetry that came of the simple truths and troubles of her daily life. Marriage was important to the Puritans, but the love of man and wife should not distract from
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